Tools For Self Defense: Top Tactical Flashlight Review

A tactical flashlight is a handy tool, typically smaller that traditional flashlights, made of weapon-grade aluminum and made out for maximum durability. It’s used in conjuction with firearm, in order to aid target identification and is mainly designed for police or military use.But it can also serve in a much broader sense, than just a headlight for a military or police gun. One can use it as a self protection tool, in order to help him to identify his target, but at the same time it allows him to see in the dark. There are so many possibilites, let’s check out other tactical flashlight review.

The Power Of a Tactical Flashlight

best 2016 tactical flashlightWhen it is used correctly, it can be very handy in tough situations. With a tactical flashlight one can shine directly into another person’s eyes, which will make the assailant cover his eyes with his hands and experience 3-4 seconds of semi-blindness or disorientation. This can give the person who owns the tactical flashlight enough time to either attack or flee.

It can be used in a number of positions. One is to be held in a parallel position with the gun, as to illuminate the face of the attacker. Or it can be held on the side of the body, in order to present a false targer for the attacker. The tactical flashlight has to be hold by its owner with the weak hana and with the back part of the flashlights extenging past the thumb, in order the light to be reversed quickly, by swinging the back part of it forward, in order to strike the target or even to block a blow. In addition, the other hand can be used for drawing a sidearm for support.

A tactical flashlight can actually be very effective, in disorienting an attacker. The most important advantage is that it takes away darkness. It’s better the person who owns it to try to use it before an attack occurs, in case he finds himself in an environment with low light. By using the flashlight, one can scan the area quickly and then can turn it off in order to move along without the attacker knowing it.

Tactical Flashlights Can Be Used Alone Or With a Fire Arm

The person who holds the gun has to be 100% certain what he is firing at and why. Under no circumstances he can pull the trigger if he is unsure of his target and the surroundings. By holding the flashlight below the gun, one can illuminate his target, but not his gun sights. Or he can hold the light besides his head or at his chest and extent the gun with the other hand, by keeping his sights and target in the light.

In case a person is unarmed and he is attacked, if he has a tacktical flashlight, he can train the beam at the eyes of the attacker. It’s better to aquire a tactical flashlight that has at least 120 lumens, in order to have maximum brightness. In addition, it is rugged enough and it is constructed in such a way in order to withstand being smacked against the head and fingers of a person who is trying to attack. Moreover, it’s better to use a lightweight one and look for a light with a bezel option, in order to add additional striking power.

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